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Dennis W. Felty 

Artistic Vision

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As a photographer, I see my responsibility as telling a compelling story about the pilots, and aircraft that are the subject of the project. This work is in the tradition of the great photojournalists that have used their artistic ability to document and interpret events, our environment and people with the unique sensibility that only the camera can capture. The role of the aviation photographer is to tell the story of the people and machines and the joy of the flight experience

It is important that a photojournalistic style is also artistic. I have extensive experience as a fine art photographer including formal studio work and classic portraiture. I will draw on all of these skills to create compelling images that will tell the essential story of your project

My artistic vision draws on the great tradition of the photo-essay. Artistic vision is a central concept because it integrates compelling visual beauty with the documentary perspective of the photo-essay. Within the  vision of the photo-essay, the completed work tells a visual story which is greater than the individual images.  I strive to use my artistic vision to see, to capture and to tell the story of the aircraft and its beauty of form and design. The images become a work of art that is a permanent record of this very creative and interpretive artistic process. 

I have been a fine art photographer all my adult life, however, I only accept a limited number of commissions each year. I approach each commission as a very serious commitment and bring my full creativity as an aviation photographer and artist to the project. 

I am a pilot with a commercial, multi engine rating with instrument qualification and over 2200 hours of flight time including extensive military and formation experience. I had the privilege to serve in the US Air force and Pennsylvania Air National Guard for 13 years; flying T-38s, Super Constellations (C-121s) and C-130s. My father flew B-17s in the Second World War and was shot down on his 22nd mission and served two years as a prisoner of war. His story can be accessed by clicking here. I am very interested in working with non profit aviation museums.

Please take a look at the images on exhibit on this web site. If they resonate with your own artistic vision please give me a call and we can talk further about the possibility of working together.

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