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Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. Do you use film or a  digital format?
  We offer a full range of film and digital media. Most work is done in digital, however, you may select the media that will best meet your needs. Film is available up to 4x5 inches including infrared. 
2. How many different photographs will be taken during our project?
  Depending on the project, we will make from 20 to 100 exposures as part of your engagement. These are usually edited down to 20 images per subject.
3. Do you offer Photoshop work such as adding text and boundaries?
  Yes, this work is done on an hourly fee billed by the quarter hour.
4. Do you offer both black and white as well as color coverage?
  Yes, your master digital images will be in color, however all digital images can be changed to black and white. There is no additional charge for this and you may make the final decision on color or black and white when you select the images for your album. If haze is a problem it may be necessary to shoot in B&W using a haze filter.
5. Do you offer video services?
  Yes, including High Definition.
6. Are proofs available for aerial work?
  Yes, if requested a 4x6 proof set will be furnished with the digital files.
7. Can my images be put on a CD?
  Yes, You will receive a CD with 20 plus images by Fed Ex.
8. What are the costs of prints? 
  The cost of prints may be referenced by clicking here.
9. Do you retain the rights to the images?
  Yes, the artist usually retains full copyright to their images, however the client is granted full use of the images.
10. How long do you keep the negatives and or the digital files?
  Your negatives or digital files are retained indefinitely.
11. When will we receive our images?
  Dependent on weather turn around can be a few days to as long as a week depending on project requirements. Rush service is available if required.
12. What type of equipment do you use?
  I use a Nikon F5 for 35mm film, a Mamiya RZ67 and a Mamiya 7 for medium format film and a Nikon for digital capture and a Linhof Aero Technica for large format.
13. Will we have a planning session before the shoot?
  Yes. it is important that we discuss the details of your project and the objectives to be achieved. See the Project Planning Worksheet.
14. Do you offer air to air photography?
15. Are you able to do projects world wide?
16. What are size and type file do you deliver to the customer?

We can provide, RAW, jpeg or tiff files. The full size raw files are 19.2 megabytes and will produce high quality images up to 24" x 36" and above. The jpeg version will be about 4 megabytes.



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These images are the exclusive property of the artist and may not be used,   downloaded, manipulated, or reproduced without prior written consent