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Northstar Imaging can meet your comprehensive needs in construction and engineering projects. We can produce visual documentation tracking your project from ground breaking to completion.  Timely, high quality progress photographs provide powerful and effective communication to investors and preparation of marketing and promotion material pre project completion. For web applications, current images communicate progress and build interest in the project's completion date. Quality aerial photography also presents outstanding commercial wall art for construction, engineering, design and architectural firms as well as providing portfolio and project proposal content. Our imaging is the finest quality and mural size applications for interior design work are stunning. Call now for a detailed proposal.

Northstar Imaging's aerial photography can meet your construction; communication, legal and documentation needs, to include: 

Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Progress reports to investors and owners
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Pre opening advertising & promotion
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Documentation of progress and contract performance obligations
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Insurance and asset loss documentation
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Fine art & commercial wall art 
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Portfolio and project proposals
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Environmental compliance 
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Project planning
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Interior Design
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Web Content
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Litigation
Planning, Evaluation and Project Approval - The "view from above" is effective in communicating the big picture to investors, government and sub contractors.

Strategic Project Planning - Northstar Imaging aerial photography facilitates planning for materials delivery, timing, supplies placement and compliance.

Communication and Coordination -  Northstar Imaging aerial photography is an effective tool in work project direction and coordination.

Documentation - Northstar Imaging aerial photography creates a permanent legal record of progress and site condition.

Promotion - Northstar Imaging aerial photography produces content for project promotion in brochures, proposals, web sites and Board Rooms.


Please note images processed for web applications represent only a fraction of the resolution and clarity captured in the original large format image. Mural size prints may be made without any loss in definition or clarity. 


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Aerial Photography


A collection of fine art photography, exploring the aerial view.

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