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A wide range of text, layers and symbols may be placed on the aerial images to more effectively communicate; location, orientation, growth patterns, boundaries and distance. If you need Photoshop work please let us know and we will give you a proposal on your specific needs.




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Weather of course effects the final image. Shots to the horizon, or when there is extensive haze and or smog may require Photoshop processing. In these cases layers are created to adjust for; 1. Underexposure toward the horizon. 2. Increased contrast toward the horizon and 3. Color balance to correct for the blue color shift that occurs toward the horizon. On days when there is partial cloud cover the subject may be in both shade and sun. A Photoshop layer for brightness and contrast may be required to balance out the shade and sunlight falling unevenly on the subject.

If you need a truly outstanding image of your project, then it is essential to allow sufficient time for excellent lighting conditions and weather. In some cases it is desirable to photograph a project several times capturing different weather and lighting impact. 

If you are working on a short time frame, then it is of course essential to work with the current weather, cloud, haze and smog conditions.

It is essential to maintain VFR flight clearance during aerial photography work. This means maintaining a 500 foot clearance below the cloud ceiling. Since we must also remain 1500 feet above buildings this means an overhead ceiling of 2500 feet or more is required for photo shoots. 

If the client gives a go ahead on a shoot when weather is marginal and the results are not satisfactory a second shoot will be scheduled and the client will be responsible for additional direct costs of aircraft and pilot on the second shoot. If the client does not give a go ahead for a shoot in marginal conditions then Northstar Imaging is responsible for the costs, if a second shoot is required.



Black and white imaging is more effective than color in cutting through haze and smog. Red and yellow filters can be used that filter out the blue light and let red and yellow light that is a longer wave length and more effective in cutting though haze. If you need to show the relationship of a site to the region and adjacent development, perhaps extending from five to twenty five miles, then black and white imaging should be considered. Black and white filters will also create the dramatic skies with cumulus clouds.





If the image is being used for high visibility media and promotion work, some image touch up work is desirable. On a building or complex this can include; removing distracting elements such as unnecessary high lights, distracting roof vents, stains on roads and parking lots ect. Additionally some work can be done to correct for bare patches in grass and other distracting landscape elements. This creative and highly detailed image processing makes a material contribution to the overall effectiveness of an image.



For application where the plan is to hand out a large volume of prints often a poster format can work well. In this option the image is bounded with a wide white border with text across the bottom of the print.



Mural size prints make stunning presentations for board rooms, reception areas, conference exhibits ect. Murals are produced as high quality photographic prints that can be mounted or framed in a wide variety of options. Coordinated print sets can be used for visually compelling wall decorations in offices and corporate headquarters.




Aerial Photography


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Aerial Photography

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