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Northstar Imaging offers Sequential Oblique Aerial Photography (SOAP) that is affordable and is effective in documentation and analysis of; pipelines, shorelines, commercial corridors, interstates or other similar applications. SOAP imaging effectively documents land use along a commercial corridor or interstate and are used to identify potential land development options. The aerial  images typically are presented from both sides of the corridor. To assist in the analysis of information, individual images can be geo-referenced to their location on a master map and or referenced to mile markers and intersecting roads and routes.

Sequential Oblique Aerial Photography is very affordable. Typically project fees are based on a charge  of $15.00 to $30.00 per mile of coverage plus flight time to the start point and from the end point. Graphic and documentation work, if required, is billed at $20.00 per quarter hour. We would be pleased to present a detailed proposal for your project.  

Northstar Imaging's aerial photography can meet your site acquisition and development needs, to include: 

Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Identification of prospective project sites
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Identification of prospective commercial & residential site development
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Analysis of growth trends
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Comparative analysis of alternative sites
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Analysis of site proximity to interchanges, rail and air resources
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Regional development and demographic trends along a corridor 
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Analysis of special land use and commercial clusters
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Shoreline study and analysis
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Pipeline monitoring
Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania- Environmental considerations
Planning, Evaluation and Project Approval - The "view from above" is effective in communicating the big picture to investors, public officials and clients. Individual images along a corridor can be digitally merged to present a single continuous image (see image below). Opposing sequential views along a corridor is very effective in facilitating site identification and evaluation. Images are high resolution digital files which permit detailed analysis of selected sites and adjacent development. Imagery is of course current and timely, showing actual land use and development activity. 

Strategic Project Planning - Northstar Imaging sequential oblique aerial photography facilitates strategic planning for site acquisition and development functions. The imaging provides a comprehensive image inventory of prospective sites and supports comparative analysis of sites to include proximity to interchanges, rail and air resources. 

Documentation - Northstar Imaging Sequential Oblique Aerial Photography creates a record of development trends along a corridor or interstate.


Please note images processed for web applications represent only a fraction of the resolution and clarity captured in the original large format image. 


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Route 81 & harrisburg Expressway looking North



Route 81 & Harrisburg Expressway 

Route 81 

 Good Hope Road, Wertzville Road & Route 81

Wertzville Road & Route 81 

 Wertzville Road & Route 81

 Route 81



Route 81 & Harrisburg Expressway looking South

Route 81 & Harrisburg Expressway looking South

Wertzville Road & Route 81




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