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Capital Complex, Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Aerial Photography 

Project Planning


Aerial Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The success of an aerial photography engagement is dependent on good planning and communication. Please provide information on your project needs and objectives as part of the planning and proposal process. Please consider the following areas. You might consider copy and pasting these questions and responding via email.

Aerial Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania

1. Number of subjects in the project.

2. Specific address, description and location information on each subject. 

3. Will you need a close up view of each subject?

4. Will you need a wide view, showing regional orientation for each subject?

5. Will you need a regional view showing general development?

6. Will you need color or black and white imaging?

7. Do you want to use digital or film?

8. How will the images be used? internet, print, brochure, advertising, project promotion & planning ect.

9. What is the largest print size that will be needed?

10. Will you need 4x6 paper proofs?

11. Will  you need prints? If you do what is the number and size?

12. What time line will be required for project completion?

13. Will you need Photoshop work adding text ect?

14. If you are using digital files, what size files will you need? 

15. Do you have in house staff with expertise in Photoshop and digital imaging?

16. How do you want prints of digital files shipped? We usually use Fed Ex overnight.

17. What is your shipping address?

18. Name, email and phone number of the person we will be working with.

Our Central Pennsylvania location is a short distance from New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. We work from both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters depending on project requirements.


Aerial Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Aerial photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania - Aerial Photography
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Aerial Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania 


The airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Aerial Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania


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