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Cemetery & Memorial Art

Monumental Cemetery, Milan Italy

Monumental Cemetery, Milan Italy

The Northstar Photography Gallery presents a collection of sensuous, fine art Pere Lachaise Cemeteryphotographs of cemetery and memorial art from around the world. Particular cemeteries include Pere Lachaise and Montparnasse Cemeteries in Paris France, Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah Georgia, Monumental Cemetery, in Milan Italy and Novodevichye Cemetery in Moscow Russia. The Northstar Photography Galleries explore the historical role of memorial and cemetery art in man's struggle to resolve issues of mortality, immortality, salvation, death and transcendence. One photography gallery offers poetry and commentary on mortality, salvation and transcendence. Of particular interest is the photography and accompanying essay on "Sensuality in Memorial Art" that delves into the extraordinary role sensuality and the classic nude figure has played in the art of the cemetery. Commentary on this photography gallery incorporates the thinking of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and the role of myth and the unconscious in the fascinating symbols and meaning of the cemetery and memorial art. The "links Page" is a comprehensive survey of web sites on photography of cemetery, memorial and funerary art.

These galleries document and explore the powerful themes of man's eternal hope for salvation, renewal, transformation, eternal life and transcendence.


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Cemetery figure
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Gallery I - Black & White
Rock Wood Cemetery   
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Gallery II - Cemetery and Memorial Art
Cemetery Angel - First Calvary Cemetery Long Island
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Saving Graces - An Illustrated Essay
Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Pere Lachaise Cemetery - Paris, France
Monumental Cemetery, Milan Italy
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Monumental Cemetery - Milan, Italy 
Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Montparnasse Cemetery - Paris, France
Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Old Bonaventure Cemetery - Savannah, Georgia
Novadevechye Cemetery, Moscow
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Novodevichye Cemetery - Moscow, Russia
Barre Cemetery
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Contemporary Memorial Art
Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Anna Bel Lee - Edgar Allan Poe
Angel Forrest Hills Cemetery, Boston
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Angels in Memorial and Cemetery Art
Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Sensuality and the classic nude figure in Memorial Art

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