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PTC #18 - Carousel Mall

Syracuse, NY

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Carousel No. 18 is located in the Carousel Center Syracuse, New York. Carousel No. 18 was the eighteenth carousel built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC).  It was originally carved and manufactured in 1909 in Germantown, Pennsylvania. The 43 horses were hand carved by Leo Zoller, PTC's Master Carver. The restoration work took more than a year to complete and Mr. Zoller was paid $1000.00. The Carousel was originally located in amusement parks in Louisville, Kentucky, Worcester Mass. and Erie, Pennsylvania.

In the mid - 1920's, Carousel No. 18 returned to PTC to be repaired and redecorated using the very bright, contrasting colors that were typical of the era.

In 1926, #18 was purchased by the Long Branch Park in Syracuse, New York, where it remained for fifteen years.

In 1941, the Long Branch Park closed and PTC No. 18 was purchased by the Roseland Park in Canandaigua, New York.

PTC No. 18 ran at Roseland for 43 years until the park closed in 1985. The carousel was sold at auction on September 16th 1985 to Pyramid Companies of Syracuse for $397,500.

It took nearly two years to restore PTC No. 18 . The horses were stripped of their many coats of paint, then repaired, primed and repainted in their original 1909 colors. The mechanicals were totally rebuilt, including re-casting metal gears. The carousel is 54 feet in diameter and weighs 30 tons.

The Carousel Center is a premiere shopping and entertainment center located at 9090 Carousel Center Drive, Syracuse, NY, 13290 phone (315) 466-7000. The Center is off exit 23 on I-81 North.



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