This agreement made on the_______ day of ___________________ 200__ between:

the Artist and _________________________________________________________

hereafter called "the Patron".

The Patron wishes to purchase an advance portfolio offering of The Transcendence Portfolio for a fee of $550.00 paid in three installments of $183.33; with the first being at completion of this agreement, the second at the time of final image selection and the third at delivery of the Portfolio. The Portfolio being purchased is Portfolio Edition Number _______ and all portfolio prints will be numbered consistent with the Portfolio Edition.

Obligations of the Artist:

1. The Artist will create a sufficient body of work for final selection and will supply all the materials and resources for such work. All images will be silver gelatin black and white photographs printed to archival standards by the Artist. Images will be Selenium toned, with each image being 11" x 14" printed on 16" x 20" paper and mounted on 4 ply Westminster Museum Board professional cut window mats with outside dimensions of 16" x 20". The images will be printed on Illford Multigrade Pearl silver gelatin paper. The Portfolios will be presented in black archival portfolio cases. Each print will be numbered and signed by the artist.  An artist bio and final version of the essay "Sensuality in Memorial Art" will be included with each Portfolio. Patron's are assured complete satisfaction with their portfolio including a full refund of all fees if not completely satisfied. The Portfolios will be produced to the highest professional standards for printing, processing, matting and presentation. 

2. The Artist will provide a continuing opportunity for Patrons to view the evolving work on-line, or in person. Patrons may choose an additional image to be included in their final portfolio from the body of work presented in the on line gallery.

3. The Artist warrants that this is a limited edition portfolio and will only produce nineteen public issue portfolios, and one artist portfolio within the edition. Seven Portfolios will be made available as Advanced Patron Portfolios. Each print selected for the Transcendence Portfolio will be a limited edition of no more than one hundred prints to include the twenty portfolio prints.

4. With permission of the Patron, the Artist will acknowledge Patron support at any showing of the project and in any printed or online materials.

Responsibilities of the Patron:

1. Patrons will make payment to the Artist at the time of completion of this agreement and will complete two signed copies of this agreement, one of which will be returned to the Patron after being signed by the artist. Patron's shall make the second and final payment within fifteen days of being billed by the Artist.

2. View the body of work produced by the Artist and presented in the Transcendence Gallery and select an additional a print for inclusion in their patron portfolio. 

Unforeseen Circumstances:

1. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Transcendence Portfolio cannot be finished, the patron will receive a full refund of all fees and payments.

2. If due to unforeseen circumstances The Transcendence Portfolio cannot be completed by the end of October, 2002, the completion date may be extended by consent, in writing, of both the parties. 

This agreement is for purchase of a work of art only. It does not include purchase of copyright, reproduction, exhibition, or other use rights.