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Of Flesh & Stone - Stagleino Cemetery Genoa Italy


Booking Information:

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  1. Exhibitors must return a signed contract to confirm the booking dates.
  2. Payment of  the exhibition fee is due within 30 days of billing.
  3. Exhibition fees are for a 6-week booking period unless otherwise noted.
  4. The artists will ship the exhibit at least 15 days in advance of the scheduled opening date.
  5. The artists will provide professional quality material for press releases, artist photo, exhibit description and artists bio upon signing the exhibit contract.
  6. The artists shall provide the exhibitor will several digital files for media purposes. The Exhibitor is authorized to use these files in media and web applications directly related to the exhibit.
  7. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for assuring the exhibit is professionally lit.
  8. The artists is available for lectures and openings for an additional fee.
  9. The Exhibitors may sell exhibit prints at an agreed to price described in the contract and shall receive a 40% commission on gross of all sales. The exhibitor shall be responsible for collection of applicable taxes and payment of such taxes.
  10. All prints are printed, mounted and framed to museum quality standards and are numbered and signed by the artist.
  11. The exhibitor shall use professional standards to assure frames are not scratched or damaged during handling.
  12. Exhibitors are responsible for payment of all shipping costs. The artists will work with exhibitors to make shipping arrangements.
  13. Exhibitors must report condition of exhibit within 48 hours of unpacking.
  14. Exhibitors may not make repairs to exhibition material without permission from the artist
  15. Exhibitions require moderate security and require a limited-access gallery and supervision while the gallery is open. Exhibition area must be locked and secure during closing hours.
  16. Exhibitors are responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitions while in their possession.
  17. The exhibition must be covered by a door-to-door arts insurance policy, or the artist shall provide insurance at an additional fee.
  18. The artist must be properly credited (in press releases, announcements, printed matter, etc.)
  19. No commercial use may be made of the artists work without a signed agreement.






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