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Of Flesh & Stone - Stagleino Cemetery Genoa Italy


Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. What is the lead time for scheduling an exhibit?
  A six week lead time is usually required. If the exhibit is ready for shipping a shorter time may be possible.
2. How long have you been working as a fine art photographer?
  I have been a fine art photographer all my life.
3. Can you tailor an exhibit to a specific venue?
  Yes, many of the exhibits can be presented in mural size up to 4"x6" and larger. It is also possible to tailor the number of images presented in the exhibit.
4. Is it possible to see a full set of images for a custom exhibit?
  Yes, I would present the proposed exhibit on a private gallery on this web site for your approval..
5. Do you use film or a  digital format?
  I my work uses both film and digital media.
6. What medium are your prints presented on?
  All prints are produced using a photographic process and are printed on Fuji Chrystal Archive Photographic Paper. The process uses a LightJet 430 printer, a stunning combination of digital technology and traditional photography. Using three lasers, the LightJet 430 exposes conventional photographic paper or transparency material. The exposed photographic paper is processed with traditional photographic chemistry. The result is a traditional photographic print with stunning quality.

The black and white exhibits are hand printed by the artists on fiber based silver gelatin photographic paper to archival standards.

7. Are prints available for sale as part of the exhibit?
  Yes, at the option of the host the prints may be sold as part of the exhibit. A gallery price is established as part of the exhibit contract and the host receives 40% of gross sales..
8. Can the length of time the exhibit is presented be customized?
9. Can I talk to you directly about an exhibit?
  Yes, my phone number is on the contact information.
11. Are you available for openings and lectures?
  Yes,  on a limited basis. Depending on travel, additional fees may be required.
12. May exhibits be shipped internationally?
13. We are a non profit, are you able to offer any special consideration?
  Yes, if my work is presented by a non profit organization that is doing important and relevant work I am very willing to work out arrangements that are mutually beneficial.
14. May the exhibit be presented on line on our web site?
16. Who pays for the shipping
  The organization presenting the exhibit pays for all shipping and insurance costs.
17. Our exhibits committee likes to have a written proposal, is that possible?
18. Do you have a contract?
19. What type of equipment do you use.
  The black and white exhibits are done with medium and large format equipment including a Horseman 45FA camera. The color work is done in both digital format and film with a Nikon F5.


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