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"Stone Spirits"

Traveling Exhibit


Twenty four 16"x20"  prints matted to 28"x30" and sixteen 11"x14" prints matted to 16"x20" shipped in five containers. Exhibit requires 200 feet of running display space. Includes catalogue promotion material and press release. The prints present a stunning exhibit. The fee for an eight week exhibit is $3,500.00 with the exhibitor paying shipping costs. A twenty four 16"x20" print exhibit is available for $2,400. Please call for scheduling and availability.



Fine art photography exploring the beauty of  creation

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Stone Spirits

Stone spirits formed of the dawning of creation.

Speaking of life-force and the secrets of heat and passion.

Never calling in word but touching our sole in beauty and promise.

Look past the science of matter to the essence of being.

A moment of wisdom, a moment of truth.  

                                                                                                         by the artist


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