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Wedding photography serving Harrisburg,  York, Lancaster, Hershey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

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I.              PARTIES

It is agreed that Dennis W. Felty hereafter referred to as Northstar Imaging will provide professional wedding photography services to  ------------ and ----------------- here after referred to as customer. The wedding date is September 25, 2007  located  at  ---------------------.  The customer will contact Northstar Imaging approximately one week prior to the wedding for a final review of the wedding plans.


II.            SERVICES

Northstar Imaging will provide the Family Heritage Package: including approximately 500 exposures, 50 - 8x10 album prints, all 4x6 preview prints, one Milano Leather Album, two 4x6 parent albums, 1 - 20x24 print, all day coverage at the wedding & reception and other items described in the attachment for a fee of  --------- plus 6% sales tax or ----------.  The description of the above referenced package as well as a schedule of print costs and purchase of preview schedule are attached and are part of this agreement,  All agreements, either expressed or implied shall be reduced to writing and shall be included as part of this agreement.  In the event the wedding date or location is changed the customer will notify Mr. Felty and this agreement will be amended.



Northstar Imaging will use best practice to assure that the customer receives the contracted results, however Mr. Felty assumes no liability if the contracted results are not achieved regardless of cause.  Northstar Imaging will make every effort to create the images identified in the work plan, but it is possible that time and other circumstances may prevent the complete accomplishment of all images identified in the work plan. 



Northstar Imaging will make every reasonable effort to respect the policies of the pastor and church while still delivering a professional photographic product.  Northstar Imaging will use every effort to be responsive and supportive of the wishes of the Bride during the wedding day. Northstar Imaging will deliver the finished Album within 60 days of receiving the album print selection order.

V.            NEGATIVES

Northstar Imaging will retain possession of negatives or digital files making prints available at prevailing prices. In the event Northstar Imaging elects to not continue professional photography services he will make reasonable efforts to forward negatives to the customer for a nominal fee.


VI.           COPYRIGHT & USE

The customer agrees to honor copyright laws and will not copy or reproduce Northstar Imaging's creative photographic work without expressed written permission. Northstar Imaging is granted permission to use photographic images from this wedding in portfolios, marketing material and in professional competition and print displays.

VII.         FEES

The customer agrees to pay a reservation fee of 1/3 of the contracted price or ------ upon signing this agreement, then 2/3; of the contracted price prior to the wedding. Print orders beyond this contract will be accompanied by a 1/2 advance payment. The attached reprint prices will be guaranteed for six month's after the wedding date.


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 Wedding Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania

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Wedding Photography Harrisburg Pennsylvania


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Wedding photography serving Harrisburg Pennsylvania


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