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Monumental Cemetery 

Milano Italy

One of the finest cemeteries in the World


Monumental Cemetery, Milan Italy


"The Milan Monumental Cemetery is one of the most outstanding cemeteries in the World. The memorial work is some of the best in the world with hundreds of examples being of museum quality. As you walk through Monumental, again and again you find yourself saying "look at that!". 

Monumental covers approximately 250,000 square meters in the north-west corner of Milan. Founded in 1866, Monumental was designed by the architect Carlo Maciachini (1818-1899) who had won a competition sponsored by the Municipality of Milan in 1860. The construction first met the sanitary and town planning needs related to the high number of burial places inside the town which was increasingly presenting health problems. The City Government wanted to give the community a memorial garden joining the interests of the cults of the dead with the celebrative and monumental interests of the new Milanese civil society just after the Unity of Italy. Within its walls, Monumental was intended to give hospitality to different faiths and religions.

The work of Maciachini included different stylistic suggestions according to the eclectic taste of the age and it joins together the Pisano Gothic and the Lumbard Romanesque style with some inserts imitating the Byzantine style. The entrance square is dominated by the Memorial Chapel - a successful neologism indicating the temple dedicated to fame and giving hospitality to famous and well-deserving men - the noblest building of the complex, the perspective center of a visual axis which, inside the Cemetery, is composed of he Central Charnel House and the Crematory Temple. The sculptures and building of the Monumental Cemetery show the town historical events and its artistic history from realism and eclecticism of the late 19th century, to liberty and symbolism of the early 20th century, from the 30s to the contemporary age, as if it were a real museum in the open air where the man Italian artists are represented." reprinted from Monumental Cemetery brochure

The Monumental Cemetery is one of the truly World Class Cemeteries on a par with Pere Lachaise in Paris. Both were born out of the same social and political trends. Monumental is unique in the extraordinary quality, diversity, symbolism and sensuality of its sculpture. Monumental, perhaps more than any other cemetery exhibits the cutting edge of passionate expression of memorial art. One longs to know what was the thinking and the discussions within families and Milan society around the selection of particular expressions, particularly those, that even for Milan society pushed the outer limits of esthetics and creativity.


Cimitero Monumentale - P.le Cimitero Monumentale;

telephone 02.6599938  


Tuesday to Sunday 8:30 - 17:30

closed on Monday


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