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The Northstar Gallery presents a photographic essay on children living in the psychiatric hospitals and orphanages of Eastern Europe including Russia, Romania and Moldova. The essay includes commentary on the conditions as well as links with information on adoption and the status of children. Gallery I explores the lives of children in Bucharest Romania who live in the underground of the city. Please visit the other North Star Galleries. A complete report on the visits to these orphanages can be accessed by clicking on "Report".


Kursk 1998



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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Gallery I - The Street Children of Underground Bucharest


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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Gallery II - Psychiatric Hospital #3, Saint Petersburg, Russia


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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Gallery III - Diedskyi Dom #3, Hincesti, Moldova


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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Gallery IV - Moldova - Mental Retardation Institution


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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Gallery V - The People of Russia


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bd14868_.gif (419 bytes)Novodevichye Cemetery - Moscow, Russia



bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Full report on visits to hospitals and orphanages in Russia, Romania and Moldova

bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Links to Information on Adoption, Orphanages and the Status of Children

bd14868_.gif (419 bytes) Links to Russia Photography & General Information Sites

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