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Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. Are there any additional charges that are not part of the package commission?
  The package options are quite complete, additional options are available at:
2. How long have you been working as a professional photographer?
  I have been a photographer all my life, however I don't make my full time living as a photographer so I only accept a limited number of commissions. 
3. Will you use an assistant when you photograph our wedding?
  For the commissions that provide for a second photographer I will have an assistant. This adds greatly to to the photojournalistic coverage of your wedding.
4. Can we see several complete albums as examples of your work?
  Yes, you will have the opportunity to see several complete albums.
5. Do you use film or will you do our wedding in a  digital format?
  All work is done with digital media.
6. How many different photographs will be taken during our wedding?
  Depending on the coverage you commission, I will make from 400 to 800 exposures as part of your commission.
7. Do you offer both black and white as well as color coverage?
  Yes, your master images will be in color, however the laboratory I use offers beautiful black and white images produced from the master color negatives. There is no additional charge for this and you may make the final decision on color or black and white when you select the images for your album. Your album may be entirely in color, black and white or a creative combination of both.
8. Will my proofs and final prints be edited?
  Yes, all digital and print images that I present to you as part of  your commission will be fine quality fully finished professional images.
9. Do I get a proof album with my preview prints?
  Yes, you will get a proof album for a select 100 to 200 Master Preview prints in  4x6 size.
10. What are my choices in wedding albums?
  You will have the option selecting an album from the full range of traditional and Italian Coffee table albums.
11. Can I see a sample proof album?
12. Do I get to keep the proof album as part of my package?
  Yes, you also get all of the remaining Master Preview Prints.
13. Can my images be put on a CD so I can view my photographs on my computer?
14. Can my proofs be posted online?
  Yes if you select the digital media option. We will create a private website for you to share with your family and friends. It will contain all your proofs, and should you choose, online ordering capabilities.
15. Can our friends and family order their photographs directly from you?
  Yes if you select the digital media option.
16. What are the costs of additional prints? 
  The cost of additional prints is available at:
17. Do you retain the rights to the images and will they be used for any promotion of your studio?
  Yes, the artist usually retains full copy rights to their images. I frequently ask for permission to use images in my portfolios or on my web site. I will not use images on my web site unless the couple provides specific approval.
18. How long do you keep the negatives?
  Your negatives or digital files are retained indefinitely.
19. When will we receive our proofs?
  You should have your proofs within two weeks of your wedding.
20. When will we receive our album?
  After you select your album prints, it will take about 30 days to have prints made and complete the album.
21. Are there traveling fees?
  Yes for travel beyond 50 miles.
22. What are your payment terms?
  One third of the commission is due when the contract is signed, the remaining two thirds is due 30 days prior to the wedding.
23. Is there any charge for additional hours?
  Yes, however most packages provide coverage for the full day of the wedding.
24. What type of equipment do you use?
  I use a Nikon F5 for 35mm film, a Mamiya RZ67 and a Mamiya 7 for medium format film and a Nikon D100 for digital capture.
25. Will you have another commission on the same day as our wedding?
  No, I only accept one commission per day, so you will have the benefit of my complete attention, time and creativity on your wedding day.
26. Do you have any special requirements, such as no one else is allowed to take photographs while you are working?
  Flashes from guest cameras may have an adverse effect on the formal portraits so I prefer that photographs not be taken during group and individual portrait sessions.
27. Do you have backup equipment?
  Yes, I bring complete backup equipment.
28. Do you have a contract?
  Yes, you can access a sample contract by clicking here.
29. Will we spend anytime together before the wedding?
  Yes. it is important that we spend time going through the details of your wedding, identifying who you want in the various group photographs and talking through your personal preferences for your wedding photographs.


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