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Wedding photography serving Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Dennis W. Felty

Northstar Imaging 

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Wedding photography serving Harrisburg Pennsylvania

This is a description of the various services and wedding album options that are available from Northstar Imaging

Your Master Preview Prints

You will receive a set of fine Master Preview prints of your wedding images. Depending on the package selected your Master Preview print set will consist of from 300 to 600 4"x6" fully finished prints. 100 to 200 of these prints will be selected and presented in an beautiful leather album. The materials in this album meet high archival standards assuring the long term protection and preservation of your wedding day memories. The remaining prints are presented in a fine quality print storage box and are available for sharing with your family and friends. Your Master Preview Prints are the finest quality photographic prints fully color balanced and adjusted for contrast and density.  

Print Storage Box

Webway Album

Digital Capture

Digital capture with current professional equipment is increasingly becoming the preferred media for wedding photography. With top quality professional equipment it is impossible to distinguish between an image made with film and one made with a digital negative. A digital capture allows a quicker turn around more options in retouching and finishing, a post wedding decision on color or black and white, extraordinary options in the design and production of your wedding album, ability to show your wedding images at your reception, on line private viewing of your images and on line ordering of your prints. This is a remarkable technology that brings tremendous flexibility and creativity to your photography.  You also have the option of selecting traditional film that will be digitally scanned at the time it is processed.  I use a Nikon F5 for 35mm film, a Mamiya RZ67 and a Mamiya 7 for medium format film and I use a Nikon for digital capture.




Color or Black and White

The digital process allows you to select either full color or black and white prints at the time your wedding album is being designed and prints are being selected. Both color and black and white prints are produced in a photographic process. The black and white prints are beautiful and can be mixed with color or can be used to make a stunning black and white fine art album.



You have the option of including professional digital video coverage of your wedding with a fully produced DVD for a lifetime of enjoyment and memories. 


Traditional Art Leather Wedding Albums

You may select your albums from the full range of Art Leather Wedding Albums. To visit the Art Leather Web site click here


Traditional Renaissance Wedding Albums

You may to choose from the full selection of Renaissance Albums. To see a full size image of the Milano Wedding Album, click here. To visit the Renaissance web site click here.


Italian Coffee Book Albums

These are beautiful custom printed albums that make a stunning record of your wedding. The Italian Coffee Book Albums are becoming very popular and deserve serious consideration.   The design process offers great creativity, taking hand-picked images and using the latest digital techniques to produce a breathtaking book.



PictoBook Flushmount Digital Albums
Pictobook albums make a stunning presentation. They are available in traditional leather-bound covers or a fabric-bound coffee-table style complete with a book jacket cover, these books are perfect for showcasing photojournalistic wedding photography.

Each PictoBook is hand-crafted and custom-tailored. Featuring a unique cameo style, waterproof pages, and full-sized panoramic page spread, PictoBooks are the new benchmark of quality and creativity in digital flushmount albums.

To visit the PictoBook web site click here




Art Leather Image Boxes
Gallery boxes are beautifully-finished pieces designed to hold individual portraits that deserve to be singled out from the album. Each box is exquisitely designed with a leather cover and holds individually matted prints. Image boxes feature a variety of cover styles and can be imprinted.


Graphistudio offers beautiful flush mount custom designed wedding books that are guaranteed to be a family heirloom. To visit the Graphistudio web site click here.



Art Leather SELDEX  Albums
These gorgeous albums are similar to those featured in cutting edge home decor magazines and at premier photographic trade shows. The Seldex Series offers world-class art book presentation. These are true coffee table books and works of art unto themselves, and are available in an assortment of exquisite covers including top grain leather, wood veneers and modern metals.



Ordering Prints

You may order additional prints in sizes from 4"x6" to 40"x60" at reasonable prices at anytime.  Use these fine art  photos for display in your home or office, as wall art, as gifts or as thank you cards. At your discretion you can offer your friends and family the option of ordering prints online. To view our price list click here.


Digital Images on CD

You will receive a CD with 100 to 200 select images on a CD for viewing on your computer. The images are produced in a self loading slide show. Depending on the package you select, you will receive from 1 to 50 CDs. The CDs make great gifts for your wedding party and friends and family. Additional CD may be ordered at anytime.


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Wedding photography serving Harrisburg Pennsylvania


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